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Plebian Design. 2009-02-25.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

2008.12.10: Plebian Design in 10-250

2008.12.10: Plebian Design in 10-250, MIT

Statement Update. 2009-02-25.
Attendance: Jeff, Dan.

::shortest story:

::short stories:
evolution increases information compression.
sharing information is free. this enables acceleration.

everything is evolution. evolution requires mutation.

next level of consciousness is universal awareness of the process of evolution in all things.

awareness creates feedback.
highly levels of feedback lead to ever accelerating

informational big crunch

does consciousness = memory = perception of time = feedback?

plebeian design: physical evolution overtaken by cultural evolution overtaken by ?

a full consciousness of evolution leads to enlightenment?

::how do we transfer/convert/etc:

::short storylines:
ev theory
information->big bang ->earth ->life ->consciousness->anxiety->intellect->?
information->big bang->earth ->life ->consciousness->anxiety->knowledge->learning->?
math ->physics ->chemistry ->biology ->psychology->religion->atheism->enlightenment
information theory(levels of consciousness)
big bang ->chemistry ->bio/life -> consciousness(cultural life/memes) -> digital consciousness -> energy
another storyline, art/aesthestics?

::medium story:
open source
process over product
broad rather than tall structure
appreciation of mutations
feedback loops
process documentation
unfiltered data feeds
conservative market economics
personal consciousness
societal consciousness
anxiety (personal and society)
religion -> atheism -> ?
time perception
desire to be in control
spike reward systems

Plebian Design statement musings. 2009-02-25. (see at 1:14 on so, abstract screencast)

Collision 14 opening night, weightloss demonstration.

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Eric and Dan discuss weightloss at the opening and gallery guests demonstrate the piece. It’s nice to see how it takes a bit for the two volunteers to get the piece to work. We wanted to search for the correct degree of difficulty that provided a challenge to visitors but wasn’t so hard that they would give up before getting it. We would hope that most people get it, but it’s important for it to include some exploration and false starts.

Videos of other pieces before and after.

Collision 14 At Axiom Gallery

Monday, February 9th, 2009

We’re pleased to be a part of the latest Collision show. #14!

We’ll be showing a prototype of our latest piece “Weightloss” or “Weightless”. The name is still pending. Here are the details of the show.->

Opening Reception: Friday February 13th, 2009 6-9 pm

persistence of vision | point of view
COLLISIONcollective is back at the Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media for its fourteenth group show called COLLISION14:pov.  In thirteen new works, the artists dissect the dual meanings of POV: Persistence of Vision and Point of View. They explore the ways humans envision time by embracing the stability in repetition and the motion in stasis. As you observe the show make sure to take a moment to orient your own head to discover miniature objects, objects overhead and your own face from a perspective far too often reserved for others.
/// COLLISION14:pov
/// Rob Gonsalves, Georgina Lewis, Dave Gordon, Joseph Farbrook,
Chris Fitch, Eric Gunther, Giles Hall, Ian Ingram, Bob Kephart,
Jeff Lieberman, Bradley N. Litwin, Dan Paluska, Rudi Punzo,
Mary Sherman, Mark J. Stock and Andy Zimmermann
/// February 13-March 14, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday February 13, 2009 @ 6pm.
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays, Thursdays 6-9 pm and Saturdays 2-5 pm
alternative visiting hours can be arranged by appointment
/// AXIOM Center for New and Experimental Media - 141 Green Street
located in the Green Street T Station on the Orange Line
/// For more information, please call 484-557-6934 or visit
/// All artists and members involved are available for interviews and questions.