art process evolution

Two quick links of great artists and their descriptions of the musical process.

Leonard Bernstein:

Glenn Gould:

It’s interesting to see how much process plays into both of these elements, as well as metaphor, connecting to some of Dissanayake’s work on the process of artmaking and the metaphorical mind.

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  1. b-radius says:

    Cool stuff. The Bernstein talk was part of his “Unanswered Question” lectures discussing primarily Western music evolution - eventually asks why many people generally do not like atonal music. While some see it as an attack on atonal music, it also helps frame the discussion and ask different questions… instead of talking about the artist or the artistic product itself, can we instead ask about instinctive weight give to personal artistic statements, the statement of interwoven tightly knitted communities (defining their own cultural lineage, which we may or may not be a part of), culturally integrated artistic expressions, and artistic patterns found across all humanity. They all directly shape how we hear (how our brain processes) sound… and how we react to it… so what music do I (the questionable ’self’) really like??? [Today, T-Connection, a 70's funk band.]

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