Robert Krulwich on Storytelling

Robert Krulwich knows what he’s talking about. One of the best commencement addresses I’ve ever heard, from NPR’s Radiolab.

I just signed as a speaker with Jodi Solomon, to start lecturing to students, adults, children, etc.. and I’ve been trying to settle on what ideas are most important to share, and how best to share them. This corresponds extremely well with everything I’ve been thinking about - how to spread the love of science and how evolution adds to the beauty that we see in all things. Telling stories that show deeper beauties through science and through the process of evolution, in many contexts. Studying the most potent means of transfer of knowledge is an important field, one we as scientists can be more conscious of and try to improve. We deal with our ideas in a very closed mindset.

Very inspiring. “Take a chance. find the words… share the beauty… tell them a story.”

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  1. Heard this as well … so inspiring !

  2. b-radius says:

    Nice! I can go on and on about why i love this. As art and science always have lots to do with each other - they both have the same modern-day vises. Both tend to lock themselves in a lab/practice room and feel that they don’t necessarily need to explain themselves. …but indeed, why not take the chance to share…

  3. Mazgalica says:

    Salut scrii bine te-ar interesa un schimb de linkuri cu siteul meu?

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