Plebian Fiasco, May 8 :: call for proposals!

The Fiasco.

The Fiasco.

Announcing Plebian Fiasco!!!! (Numero Uno)
20000 years ago we danced together around the fire — what do we do in 2012?

Plebian Fiasco is a 3 hour social experiment.
We are organizing an evening full of participatory group activities that fog the line between performers and audience.
We are expecting about 75 attendees, and we’re looking for your proposals and attendance!

When: Tuesday, May 8th, 7-10pm
Where: Club Oberon in Harvard Square, Cambridge

We want your proposals for activities. What to propose:
A 5-30 minute activity.
For the entire group to do together, or for a bunch of small groups to take on separately.
This might be song, movement, drawing, words, games, or other.

Social or asocial (group brainstorm vs meditation)
Electronic or analog (mobile phone light show vs painting)
Parallel or serial (pub song vs game of telephone)
Specific timing or evening-long installation (dance routine vs photobooth)

Most importantly, things you haven’t thought of yet.

Please submit ideas by email to by April 15, 2012
Include timing, materials, logistics, track records, etc.

Thanks! Please forward along.

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