The Open Source Birthday

Recently we at Plebian Design have been thinking about the creation of an Open Source Birthday Song. (The current birthday song is copyrighted) We’d like a community to consistently form better and better open-source versions of the birthday song.. every once in a while a more catchy version would catch along and that’s what you’d sing at the birthday parties. So, trends would happen. The song could be similar content but in a constant state of evolution. Would you like to participate? Let us know on the project page.

I just turned 31. My goals for this year:

  • Focus in the present as much as possible. Remember it is the motion around the sun that is important, not how many times you’ve gone around.
  • Focus on others’ perception as little as possible, while keeping in mind that their perceptions and my ‘masks’ can create possible connections where previously there were none.
  • Practice as much radical honesty as possible, in both business/art and friendship.
  • Share/collaborate as much as possible. Get everything out there, all the time. Put ideas out - information is free.

I recently wrote a short birthday poem for a friend Wes’s birthday. It is below, describes a rough draft of what I feel is important about the birthday process.

Originally for Wes Skiles:

The fundamental unit of time is not the second, but the day.
Every measure of human time is based on when we have light, and when it is dark.
Every rhythm in our lives is determined by the fundamental rhythm of the rotation of the Earth, and our daily view of the Sun.
There was a time in our history when we knew ‘day,’ but not ‘year.’
Every 365.25 days, we appear at a reference point in space.
It helps us keep perspective on gaining wider feedback loops,
of seeing our thoughts on multiple levels,
and how it is the process, not the result, to value.

How better to celebrate our lives
than to celebrate the journey around the source of our lives - marked periodically?


3 Responses to “The Open Source Birthday”

  1. b-radius says:

    Most countries to my knowledge have their own version of the birthday song. I just heard some Lithuanians sing it in a bar the other day… I wonder if the US is the only country to have successfully copyrighted birthday song. I believe national anthems are also copyrighted… harder to find info on that one. So what happens when a stadium of people sing a copyrighted national anthem to tv audiences around the country? Ick.

  2. Ben Dalton says:

    I ran across this song again today. A favourite of mine for it’s total joyousness in singing and absoluteness in it’s subject matter:

    Can I propose this as an alternative birthday song? But one that may not go down so well at some occasions.

  3. jeff says:

    hey ben - can you post your suggestion on the project page?

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