About the Plebian Blog

What are we thinking about? What seems important to us?

The list of specific topics continues to grow, but there are themes we keep returning to: evolution and the deep history of our planet and our species, identifying the common ground and heritage of all peoples, embracing mutation, and rolling with the perpetual motion of culture.

This blog is about process. It is about how questions, experiments, and documentation can enrich our daily lives and put us in touch with the beauty of the universe that bubbles up all around us at all times. It is about beauty as the themes and tendencies of the universe. It is about spirituality and our mutual search for God. Can art and education be the new channels of communication between theists, deists, paganists, aetheists, agnostics, scientists, and intellectuals?

This blog is about collaboration. It is about finding new ways for people to work together and to share information. It is about questioning our current practices for dealing with information and buildling new ones. It is about transparency: opening our sources and sharing our knowledge in the name of all. It is about stating our minds now so we can know when we change them later. It is about recognizing feedback processes as the generators of all complexity.

We look for the interconnectedness of all of the above. How do the details lead to the abstractions? How do we weave together all the disparate knowledge? How does our local action contribute to the greater whole?

Of course, it is boranj, only a step on its way to becoming what it will become tomorrow. It is plebian, for all to drink from and for all to water.