Plebian Design is:

Jeff Lieberman

Science Evangelist

This dude is some serious shit. He jumps out of airplanes and helps you control your brain waves. You best watch out! Check him out at

Eric Gunther

Movement Specialist

Body motion. Smiles and beat boxes. This kid wears new balance every single day. Check him out at

Dan Paluska


Dan is currently looking for new ways to share more information. Dan likes to wear a tweed jacket and drill holes in things. You can see what does is up to by checking out his friendfeed/danpaluska

Bradley Kemp

music education

Brad is a composer and educator. See more at

Sean Stevens


Sean makes things talk to each other. He can also been seen with lots of lights, lasers, and bicycle powered stereo systems.

Grant Kristofek

sustainability champion

Grant loves blues guitar and all things green. How do designers take part in building the sustainable future? this he would like to know and do.

Danielle Applestone

Continuity Highway Department

Fostering emotional awareness and aptitude. Finding edges of comfort zones. Native parenting and parenting of the natives. See her at being nice is awesome

Lauren McCarthy

Virtual Physicalizer

perpetually in motion. prone to spontaneous departure. this girl is going places and trying to take you with her. catch up with her at

Bill Washabaugh

Mechanical Wizardry

This guy was entrusted with suspending 90,000 pounds above Bono's head. What else do you need? See him at Hypersonic Engineering.

Ryan Wistort


Developed Mars rover technology for NASA, maintained robotic musical instruments for Bjork, invented robots for Intel Research. Need we say more?

Rohan Dixit

Brain Analyzer

This guy spent 9 months with a portable EEG measuring meditators in the Himalayas. You can see his work at brainbot.