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An experiment in cultural evolution and penetration.

Jeff and Dan were in nyc for absolut quartet(late spring 2008). one night they went to bar for some drinks with sean and tyler. at some point, sean mentioned this idea he had that whatever the next big thing is, it should rhyme with orange. orange is the first word many native english speakers think of when asked to think of a word that has no rhyme.(varies by region) this struck us that night and we continued to talk about this idea for several months. it stuck with us. we were thinking a lot about memes, cultural ideas, language, etc. we went through all the letters in the alphabet. boranj seemed like the winner to us. we tossed around definitions, concepts, etc. nothing really fit. the word didn't feel the same as other designed words like meme, bling or fractal. they are all so euphonic and nice. boranj is a little more awkward compared to those words, but it seemed the least awkward of orange rhymers. maybe someone will come up with something better someday, but for now, it's boranj. we put up in late 2008.

the word is also very reflective of the diy, hacker, and open source communities. nothing is ever done. there is a version number and a bug report. there is a continuing process. whatever the current best thing is, it will be replaced by something else.

boranj can also be used as an alternative to "best" as an email closing.

plebian design.

so we made and put a definition up there. we sign our emails and try to use it in conversation.

boranj is a study in the spread of ideas. we have google analytics on the site. hopefully we watch it grow slowly over time. maybe some additional tracking or data analysis on it as well? does it catch on? or fade away? maybe toranj will be the winner instead?

previous work: entry in the online urban dictionary. also, boranj also appears on some foriegn sites, primarily indian it seems. maybe a proper name?

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