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Quartet is a commission for the Absolut Visionaries project.
Log in to quartet.cc for a chance to interact with the installation. You will enter a 4-8 second theme, and the machine will generate, in real-time, a unique musical piece based on the input melody you have provided.
You will see this melody played by three instruments. The main instrument is a ballistic marimba, which launches rubber balls roughly 2m into the air, precisely aimed to bounce off of 42 chromatic wooden keys. The second instrument is an array of 35 custom-tuned wine glasses, played by robotic fingers. Finally, an array of 9 ethnic percussion instruments rounds out the ensemble.
For press images or a high resolution movie, please email.
The machine software and and all of our hardware documents are available to anyone who is interested. We are always lookings for composers and programmers who are interested in contributing to the project.

- 30 Dec 09, 02:12:07 PM

alex - 30 Dec 09, 11:41:17 AM

Alita - 05 May 09, 01:29:25 AM
AWESOME... when the music starts my body starts to move because i just heard a gamelan played by a robot and how cool is that!!! i used to dance internationally for Malaysia

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Ars Electronica,
  Jan - Dec 2oo9


Award of DistinctionArs Electronica 2oo8, Interactive Art Category. Linz, Austria.

Gold Prize55th International Cannes Lions Advertising Festival

Silver PencilOne Show Interactive for best New Media Innovation and Development

Selected Press

"very impressive... [a] visual spectacle."
Science Magazine

"just who are those insane geniuses behind the absolut machines project?" [interview]
design federation

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