weight loss (2009)


weight loss.



An interpersonal resonance calculator.

we've put a man on the moon. we've created an artificial heart. we've transmitted information to each other by pulsing electricity through metals. how can we be so capable and still find it so difficult to get along with each other?

weightloss asks two viewers to come together to create something beautiful - something that neither of them can create on their own. both viewers are asked to take direct physical action - passivity will not suffice. the rules of the game are unknown but it will be obvious when it works. weightloss explores the notion that when we work together, our reality is expanded. not to mention it just makes the process more fun. weightloss is a game where both players can win.

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Axiom Art Gallery,
  February 13-March 14


Mikey Siegal, Additional Programming

Jesse Grey, Additional Programming

Matt Berlin, Additional Thanks