What if we lived on the moon? (May 2009)


what if we lived on the moon?


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What if we lived on the moon? what would the earth look like in our sky? The earth is 3.66 times as large as the moon.

Our first picture taken on kresge lawn in cambridge massachusetts. Latitude: 42.376002040062; Longitude: -71.11863282775

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Let us not forget what the moon reminds us every day:
to lay down at night
is to lay down in the shade of the sun.

E. Van Guterberg - 09 May 09, 11:05:40 AM
Neil, rather than Adam, would be known as the first man to set foot on earth. Dropping one

Alita - 08 May 09, 03:50:53 AM
Malaysia = 2° 30

Alita - 08 May 09, 03:38:03 AM
that was an EXACT image of my moon when I was a kid...