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The Holy Toaster Kit

2009-12-17. Our kits are currently sold out. See the DXF file below to make your own.

18.00 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling. Currently shipping only to the continental United States. Foreign orders coming soon...

What the kit includes:
2 Laser Machined Stainless Steel inserts. Roughly 4.5in x 3.5in x 0.03in.
1 slice of bread.
1 ziplock baggie.

The Holy Toaster Kit is a Do-It-Yourself project which you can use to modify most slot toasters (all the ones we've seen) to output toast that has a shroud of turin-style jesus silhouette toasted on it. Toasters work mostly through radiation so all the insert is doing is placing certain areas of the toast in the shadows. This kit requires modification of your toaster and therefore a bit of danger. Lets all be nice. We ask that you be careful and responsible for your own actions. It's a pretty good policy to avoid sticking metal things in your toaster! But if you must, then this kit is for you!

Here is an instructional video so you can see exactly what you are getting into. Still want one? Then order now!

Here is a photo set of toaster development, includes some hi-res press photos.

This is a fully open source kit. The cost breakout of the kit is shown in the following google spreadsheet.

For those with access to a waterjet or metal laser cutter, the SVG and DXF files are available for you to use, modify, profit from, turn in as your homework, whatever. Public domain. No rights reserved.

If you want to start your own toaster insert business, make yourself a DXF file and find a vendor to manufacture them. Try, an online source for machine shops around the United States and the rest of the world.

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Public Domain. No rights reserved. God's love is replication and mutation.
That said, being nice is usually a good idea. The web has quite a memory.

Sorry. Sold out.

Thanks for shopping with us!


the holy toaster kit parts wonder bread + 3 toaster settings. toaster0371


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